I never know what to write in description boxes.

I forgot how addictive this was.

Feel like I’m gonna start doing stupid things again..great😏

Anonymous asked: That makes me so mad that someone would say that. You're amazing and they had no right to say that


I’m not fussed haha; freedom of speech; tbh, just wished I knew who it was 😊

Anonymous asked: Oh my god who the hell asked you to kill yourself?!


I don’t know haha? Maybe they should come off anon, I won’t even say anything, I just wanna know who it is&what I’ve done to make them want me gone 😊

So I put my oreos in a plastic tub and put it ontop of my lamp then later on turned my lamp on for over an hour and now my oreos are burnt.

Anonymous asked: Bc you're so precious


lol, thanks, but I wish I was haha

Anonymous asked: Noo don't do that :(



Anonymous asked: Hello there. Can you please pretty please kill yourself tonight? I mean who cares about you. Don't think twice, just do it. You're filled with shit and you're an obstacle for other people. Just kill yourself for good.


Will do.

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